Winter is Over

173 nights booked in the B&B.

173 beds made.

101 guests.

346 breakfasts.

102 dinners.

45 tea and scones served.

12 events.

38 family members hosted for Christmas.

And our family rang in one New Year with friends old and new. Oh, and a million loads of laundry.

Well, when you put it that way it was a busy fall. We have met people both near and far. We have gotten to bring a little joy through our home-cooked food each morning by inviting our guests to the table. We have made beds and cleaned rooms in the hopes that each guest would have the best sleep they have ever had. We have tackled large-scale renovations in the middle of our new crazy. We have booked weddings and are so excited to see these couples taking the first steps to their forever with us. And, most importantly, we have grown a lot closer as a family (like, we live a wall away) and we have learned a ton about the business and ourselves. So, here are a few of our takeaways from the last 5 months.

1. Early mornings won’t kill you and you actually get a lot done when you’re up before the sun.

2. Bring your kids along for each and every part of the journey…you never know what’s inside just waiting to blossom when given the opportunity. Aleyna is doing all of our calligraphy, Genevieve is on our guest relations team, Gavin knows where everything is and when in doubt with a guest bring out the tiny dogs.

3. You can always do more than you think you can…including running a B&B when you’ve never done it with guests 4 days after moving in, living in an old-house with weekly exciting surprises (burst pipes, frozen pipes, no a/c, no heating, mice, skunks, groundhogs, flooding, and one bathroom for 6 people during renovations.). Before our future guests panic, Don’t worry it’s not on the B&B or venue side it’s on the farmhouse built in 1830 side.

4. When you do it together it’s always worth it…not gonna lie, it’s been hard learning everyone nuances and communication styles as a family trying to run a business. Someone even went so far as to tell us that most family businesses fail and break-up families. While we haven’t gotten it all figured out yet, we are committed to each other and what we know God has brought us together to do. Once a family, always a family.

5. Find the joy in busy…life is always going to be busy…that perfect “When this is done…or that happens,” is never going to come. You have to manage today and find the joy and the peace in the unexpected moments. Some days this is so easy. when you wake up to a beautiful view and you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that God opened this door for you in the first place. And some days it’s really hard when you wonder, “Why did we decide to do this again?”

I hope that this New Year has found you with new hope and a new season of wonder and discovery. Our last five months have been the beginning of a new, exciting and terrifying journey but we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. So, cheers to the New Year and all that comes with it.