Thoughts on Mother’s Day

This past week, we did a segment on our stories about funny things my mother says. She has her own way of saying things that pops-up in almost every conversation. She totally takes our joking and laughing in stride, and we wanted to share some of the crazy things that come out of her mouth. We lovingly refer to it as “Nonnyisms.” After doing the segment, we got to thinking about all of the things our mother’s say and how they become truths in our lives even when we don’t want to hear them. Most of our mothers say a few phrases over-and-over and eventually we see the truth in them even if they are initially received with a teenage eye-roll. I am intimately aware of this stage because everything I say and do is received with a teenage eye-roll by my 13-year old. Someday, I hopefully won’t be so exasperating to her and she will write loads of beautiful blogs about my wisdom, beauty and grace. Well, in my dreams anyway.

Here are a few things our mother’s say and some of the truth in what they mean.

Leanne Homan: Mother. Nonny. Wife. Chef. Proposal Guru. Kitchen Commander. Aspiring Children’s Author. Mental Health Champion. Language Creator. Joy Maker. Expert Hugger.

“Well. Howdy-Doody!?!?”

This is basically my mother’s response to everything. Great news, she just dropped something, we made her mad, etc…you get the picture. It struck me that this is also her response to everything life sends her way. It’s sort of become a greeting to everything positive and negative. She basically says, “Hello, I don’t have time to slow down so let’s keep it moving,” to everything that she encounters. She has endured some really tough life circumstances and she greets it head-on with a “Howdy-Doody,” and she keeps moving forward. After my brother passed, I thought for sure this would be the thing that would slow her down and bring her down, but it didn’t. She slowed her step, of course, and has grappled with the pain and grief in her own way but she still manages to be the beautiful, bright, life-giving, loving mother she has always been. She deserves so many standing ovations and honor for carrying the load and managing to keep moving when she wanted to crumble.

My lesson learned: No matter what comes my way, meet it head-on with a “Howdy-Doody.” She has taught me that with God on my side, I can make it through anything with a smile. It’s a daily choice to keep putting one foot in front of the other.


Gennia Jennings: Mother. Organizational Guru. Professional. Compassion Coordinator. Smile Expert. Emergency Diffuser. Counselor. Therapist. Hand-holder. Cheerleader. Dancer.

“But aren’t you glad you did it?!?”

She says “but aren’t you glad you did it?” if I complain about how arduous or difficult something was. Her favorite one to comment on is grad school, but she’s also said it when I finally did something mundane I’d been putting off, like cleaning out my closet. “Ugh, I

finally went through my clothes yesterday and donated a bunch of stuff to goodwill. It took FOREVER.” “But aren’t you glad you did it?”

My Lesson Learned: I think it’s her way of reminding me that hard work is often worth it, and that I should savor a job well done. - Essie Jennings

The moral of the story is Mom’s say some pretty wild stuff and thats okay. All that matters is that they are always around when we need them. Much love to all our Manor Mom’s!