Our Family

Family is the centerpiece of The Manor.  From it's humble beginnings as a family farmhouse built in 1830, to the turn-of-the-century when the boarding house was added, to the heart of what is now behind the Bed and Breakfast and Event Venue,

The Manor is all about family.

Our Family consists of John and Leanne, Anthony and Natallia, Nicholas, Joseph, Arielle, Aleyna, Gavin and Genevieve.

A year ago, we lost our brother Joseph after a lengthy battle with mental illness.  After his death, what began as an idea to expand the family catering business grew into a full-blown family business venture with the purchase of The Manor.  Celebrating Joseph's life was the catalyst and the beginning of a new venture.

John and Leanne have over 35 years combined in the food industry and bring their talents quite literally to the table through their business, Zesty Gourmet.  Zesty will be the in-house catering services for events and weddings at The Manor.

Anthony has an extensive background in business start-ups, IT and managing teams and leaders through 22 years of Pastoring.  Natallia creates custom curated events and interiors.  Through her business, 3 plus 2 design, her team will be creating one-of-a-kind events from start-to-finish.

Arielle has been baking since she could reach the counter (she still shares Genevieve's stool) and will be the in-house baker creating everything from homemade biscuits at breakfast, made-from-scratch cookies to elaborate dessert tables for events.

Aleyna will be lending her beauty and baking talents, Gavin will be our in-house dancer and go-to errand man, while Genevieve will be running the place.


Our table is the centerpiece of our home and we have shared it countless times over the years.  Friendships, deeper relationships, and a ton of fun and merriment happen there.  

The Manor is a place where our families will be coming together to share what we do best...host, create, cook, entertain and share our lives over an amazing meal. 

Join us sometime...there is always a seat at our table.